Fuck Yeah Dan Feuerriegel!

This is a Dan Feuerriegel centered blog! (duh!) This blog is filled with mostly pictures, gifs, clips and information about what he is up to. Dan is not affiliated with this blog in anyway, so just because you see something here (or any other site that isn't his FB or Twitter
) does not mean it's 100% accurate! I do try to only post information I am 100% sure of though. So enjoy fangirling over his sexy eyes, and smile, and dimples, and arms, and abs, and ass, and...*ahem* I'm sorry. ENJOY!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday/weekend #begrateful #enjoylife #loveyouall x

come get it bae


blood and battle are all i have ever known

Agron - Sacramentum | 2.07


look at that swag, look at that scowl

dgfeuerriegel Behind the Scenes … Photo-shoot with the amazing @danielbetan & @dennydenn Thanks guys you are brilliant !!!! #style #suit #dapper


Dan Feuerriegel in a Mitsubishi Pajero’s ad

"Shot this photo, before Spartacus, using Andy Whitfield’s version as inspiration. Then I had the pleasure of working with the great man .. Twice. Isn’t it funny how the world works sometimes#throwbackthursday #Grateful" x

Sending out the love to each and every one of you :)  x

,Stephen Dunlevy, Anna Hutchison in Ellen hollman birthday!!

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