Fuck Yeah Dan Feuerriegel!

This is a Dan Feuerriegel centered blog! (duh!) This blog is filled with mostly pictures, gifs, clips and information about what he is up to. Dan is not affiliated with this blog in anyway, so just because you see something here (or any other site that isn't his FB or Twitter
) does not mean it's 100% accurate! I do try to only post information I am 100% sure of though. So enjoy fangirling over his sexy eyes, and smile, and dimples, and arms, and abs, and ass, and...*ahem* I'm sorry. ENJOY!

HOLY DREADLOCKS !!!! Found this rare pic of when first got his dreads   #2009 &sand | x


all I can see is the perfect triangle above his cute rump. god, I wanna lick the dimples. such beautiful proportions goddd


Feeling GOOD !!! #latenight #gettingfit #happy #grateful #la #hollywood

We can ALL relate to how it feels to clean up. I feel like killing someone after about half an hour of it. On the other hand I'd be so uncomfortable paying someone to clean up after me that wouldn't work either. Solution? Live in a cardboard house with cardboard furniture and burn it once a month and move on .....


Cleaning my apartment gives me a bad case of the Agrons #cleaning #agron #funny #happyfriday | x

dgfeuerriegel Killin Time in LA #waitingforAAA #la #hollywood #breakdown | x


Dan Feuerriegel by Denny Ilic Photography 😍


Hanging w the talented Current judge & designer of & more :) | x
Ha ! ain’t got nothin on me 8) | x

dgfeuerriegel I want, I want, I want ☺️ #kitty #sosmall #newborn | x


fangirl challenge ♠ [2/5] families: Agron&Duro » spartacus

dgfeuerriegel Bonjour Paris ☺️ So excited to attend #SpartacusCon by #peopleCons on 20th-21st Sept #french #dontmaketoomuchfunofmyvirginfrench #grateful #excited | x


Rockstar cool w dennydenn danielbetancourt & @melissakwagner 😎 #style #betanstyle #la #hollywood

Admiral Daniel G. Feuerriegel

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