Fuck Yeah Dan Feuerriegel!

This is a Dan Feuerriegel centered blog! (duh!) This blog is filled with mostly pictures, gifs, clips and information about what he is up to. Dan is not affiliated with this blog in anyway, so just because you see something here (or any other site that isn't his FB or Twitter
) does not mean it's 100% accurate! I do try to only post information I am 100% sure of though. So enjoy fangirling over his sexy eyes, and smile, and dimples, and arms, and abs, and ass, and...*ahem* I'm sorry. ENJOY!

Umm..I need her to leave and be replaced with me. ahaha

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    Who’s this “girl” people keep referring to in this picture? All I see is Dan in that fancy outfit looking all hot and...
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    I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I agree! :)
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    ^No one can top that reaction. lmao.
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    Sweet Baby Jesus’ Gold Diaper! *swoons*
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